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Karolina Breguła. Tłumaczenie sztuki - performance

Karolina Breguła. Tłumaczenie sztuki - performance

08.07.2016 / 18:00
Miejsce: Miejsce: Galeria Arsenał elektrownia, ul. Elektryczna 13, Białystok
Galeria Arsenał w Białymstoku ma zaszczyt zaprosić na performace Karoliny Breguły:

Tłumaczenie sztuki

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Explaining the Art Exhibition

Explaining the Art Exhibition is a continuation of the project Art Translation Agency (Biuro tłumaczeń sztuki) which is my web-based project started in 2010. The project is a web page where people are invited to order an explanation of a piece of art. The translators, who collaborate with the agency either work within the field of culture or are art lovers. They suggest interpretations often different than the scholarly ones. This way they present each work as an unfinished form open for different interpretations and inviting participants to create new meanings.

Art Translation Agency intends to reveal that contemporary art happens to be difficult and everyone, even professionals in the field, must put a lot of effort into interpretation. At the same time the project is an experiment exploring what will happen to the famous works of art when they are viewed with a bit more freedom. By interpreting in a non-traditional way Art Translation Agency is planning to create a commotion on the art information market.

The performances under the title Art Translation Agency live versions of the Art Translation Agency. They took place in BWA Gallery (Warsaw), Centre of Contemporary Art Łaźnia (Gdańsk),  Zachęta National Gallery (Warsaw), Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw) and Le Guern Gallery (Warsaw); all between May and August 2011. They were conducted by me and three  other translators who collaborate with the Art Translation Agency: Przemysław Gulda, Kasia Kazimierowska and Wiktor Rusin.

Spotkanie jest wydarzeniem towarzyszącym wystawie Nowe ilustracje.